April 2017

There is so much happening in the world at this time. Many people are asking me how I deal with all this suffering I hear about and why is there so much uncertainty from the wars, to Donal trump to Brexit and onwards.  Begin by knowing that despite all the news of difficult things there is good happening, most people are good people

It isn’t easy to feel that there is not always action you can take, but give yourself some quiet time and go into your heart, into the light within and know that the negativity is also a need out there for love. Go into your quietness within and connect, through nature to the divine love of the Source. Know that your consciousness is a place of infinite possibility. The divine love in you is in everybody. We cannot approve of  the bad things that are done, but try to send healing, not only to those suffering but to those who are lost and giving pain out instead of finding the answer within.

This is a time of transition, and some who hold power do not want to let it go.  But it also an opportunity to bring the understating of being a soul family into being. Don’t judge it by how much you can do, just bring in to life whenever you can and put it into practise in your own life – when we help one person, solve one problem, forgive one event –we are also creating waves of love to go out to help others.

Each day I meditate to connect with Earth consciousness and ask to be joined to all those sending out love. I may not always see the result but in know it is helping somewhere and better than doing nothing.



September 2017

Daily spiritual practice can bring peace and it brings together heart and mind-love, knowledge and wisdom. It supports you in your life especially in challenging times It can help heal you and together with others it sends healing into the world.

Some parts of our Earth are experiencing extreme weather and we see many lives lost. There are so many opinions being exchanged, global warming, and climate change with different arguments on each side. It can feel very frustrating to hear all this and to feel helpless to do anything.

Let me tell you what I have been doing and I hope it will help you.  

In my daily meditation I link with the beautiful living Earth and breathe in harmony with nature. I open my heart to the spiritual world and send my love and healing, without condition to all those who are in so much need. I know it doesn’t solve everything but neither does doing nothing.

I have given some money to charities that help in difficult situations in the world. it isn’t about the amount, whatever we can give, no matter how small, it is still an offering of the heart, without condition as to why it is happening, but just to help wherever we can. It is a combination of action and healing.

When we cannot see the answer as to why, we mustn’t just give up but do whatever we can, no matter how small, to be a part of the healing and love that is needed.

Then we will also find that inner strength to deal with those storms in our personal life. If we only let the heat of the emotions rule there will just be a storm. If we reflect and send love, even to difficult situations, we may see not only our needs but the needs of others involved in the process. Learn to listen as well as speak, avoid blame and accusing and put love into trying to find peace. Even if we cannot always solve it we at least do not burn ourselves with anger. A daily meditation can take us to that place of love, even in difficult times; you do not have to spend hours just 15 minutes a day will make a difference.

We are all part of a soul family, let’s keep our heart of love open to each other.



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11.08 | 09:38

Hallo Sabine,

De eerstvolgende periode dat tareth healingsessies geeft is in November. Info is te vinden onder rubriek individuele sessies/


09.08 | 11:29

hello Tareth, can you give an appointment for us ? Me and my family ?

19.04 | 10:18

Mooi! Heb alleen positieve ervaringen met Tareth, sinds een 8-tal jaren.

07.03 | 13:36

zijn er alle nieuwe data voor 2017

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