16 & 17 november te Gruitrode/Oudsbergen



'Het Pad van de Graal'


 2-daagse workshop met Tareth 

 Oudsbergen, 16 & 17 nov. 2019 



One of the foundations in this coming year will be working with different combinations of the sounds I manifested from sacred places.


Our whole physical reality is a vibration of light and sound that carries information; it is a vital part of consciousness. The sounds we use are universal and communicate to each one of us in a different way. The most important thing is not the manifestation but what these sounds tell you.  I want you to realise this and feel it more and more and really embrace it in your life and use it to help yourself and others. I will show you how to develop this. It also keeps us in deep touch with nature which is our inspiration on this earth.


To be fully aware of the potential within us we need equality and integration of spiritual/divine guidance and that which we learn through our life experiences. They cannot function separately. So in deepening our connection with the source we also learn how to empower our human self. We become much better at clearing old conditioning and healing emotional wounds. Even in the most difficult situations there will be respect and honour for ourselves and others. From this connection, we are writing in our book of the future to achieving more of our own goals.



In ons werk herkennen we dat ons aardse leven essentieel is voor het herstellen van harmonie en balans op onze planeet, zowel op individueel als collectief niveau. We vieren een spirituele dimensie en onderlinge verbondenheid tussen alle leven op Aarde. 



"When we have divine inspiration the most important thing to do with it is to put it into earthly practise." Tareth



Deze workshop is open voor iedereen. Kom met een open hart en geest en laat jouw licht schijnen op deze mooie Aarde.


Datum : Zat 16 en Zo 17 nov. 2019  van 11u tot 18 u.

Prijs : 130 euro 

Adres: Weg naar As 113, 3670 Gruitrode/Oudsbergen

Tel : 089/853581

email : tarethmail@gmail.com  of via seshani@skynet.be 

voorschot : €30 te storten op rekening van Tareth IBAN : BE51 6528 2929 9562   BIC : HBKABE22 Ref : naam + 2-daagse nov 2019




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09.04 | 15:57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

26.12 | 16:45

dear Tareth,
Thank You with all my heart for guiding us since
many years to our true Being, discovering our own WAY, IGHT and TRUTH
wish all the best to You

24.11 | 12:06

Dear Tareth
Thank You for all the Years You learn me.

Have you already a date for the retraite in aug
its important for an arrangement for my grand children

19.04 | 10:18

Mooi! Heb alleen positieve ervaringen met Tareth, sinds een 8-tal jaren.

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