The Sounds and the Silence




Summer Retreat August 2018


Friday 17th - Monday 20th


The Sounds & the Silence

‘A Joyful Coming Together as a Spiritual Family’




This will be a sacred time of complete cleansing from the noise of the world, in a sanctuary of deep healing to create an awakening experience that will leave you feeling positive in every way. We will work with new frequencies from sounds manifested by Tareth and integrate the wisdom they hold with periods of silent meditation.

There will be profound mediations, healing rituals, singing & toning as well as movement/bodywork to unify all aspects of your being. We will explore self-compassion, which leads us to more compassion for others.  You will discover how to access and know your own true power in order to create a much clearer space within your life and find deep inner-peace. Learn mind and bodywork techniques that empower your own creative flow of energy and connects you with the guidance of nature and the Source. 

All of this will be contrasted with times of silence, where great wisdom resides. It is a time to reflect and expand your individual consciousness so that you are nourished from a much deeper source. It is in this silence that we hear clearly just what the inner wisdom has to say. You will go deep into the soul light that you are, beyond the mind of thought, where your being can experience the real ‘here & now’ and light up the future, touching the essence of eternal you. The form you are in is not all of you.

You are Eternal & a Light of the Future’

During our time together Tareth will channel direct guidance from the Source. You will receive healing using the language of light. You will also receive an individual healing and an invocation in the Alchemic Language to help awaken your highest-self and this will be recorded for you!


Give yourself some ‘me time’ for personal attention to reflect and just be in a group with like-minded souls. Experience deep lasting peace, calmness & tranquility immersed in total relaxation.


Exciting addition to our retreat in July


You will each receive a bottle with some manifested oil. Tareth will teach you techniques to use the frequency of the oil to open a wonderful link to your spiritual and soul guidance and healing.


You will be taught and use practices with the oil that you have empowered to help you:-


Awaken aspects of your higher consciousness that will give you really profound ways to energise and empower your creativity and intuition to help you in all aspects of your life.


To give you a loving connection to the guidance that comes from the divine love of the source and beings of light.


Using these practices will also feel a beautiful link to the collective consciousness of all those who work with love for healing and harmony and peace.


To complete this process we will have a ceremony to work with the divine love of the Source and create a beautiful light of peace and healing that each of you will give and receive to each other and then send out into this world with unconditional love.


Plaats :  Corsendonk De Linde , Kasteelstraat 67 , B - 2470 Retie

Prijs opgesplitst in 1) workshop  + 2) overnachting


1) Workshop

290 euro per persoon

Inschrijving mail naar ,en storten van voorschot 100 euro op rekening Tareth IBAN : BE51 6528 2929 9562   BIC : HBKABE22  met vermelding ‘Retrait aug. +naam’  Saldo 190 euro betalen uiterlijk 10 juli 2018


2) Overnachting

 te boeken bij Corsendonk De Linde tel 014 38 99 80

met referentie Tareth


Opmerking  : kamers moeten individueel geboekt en betaald worden

                       uiterlijk op10 juli 2018 op eigen verantwoordelijkheid


4 dagen 3 nachten (vr. 17 vanaf 13 u t.e.m. ma 20/8 tot 17u)

157.50 € per persoon in tweepers. kamer halfpension (avond eten en ontbijt)

excl verblijftaks ( € 1.00 per persoon per nacht)

Supplement Single : € 15 per persoon per nacht in kamer halfpension (avond eten en ontbijt) excl verblijftaks ( € 1.00 per persoon per nacht)


Indien graag volpension : neem contact op met De Linde voor het bestellen van een lunchpakket.


Specifieke dieetwensen, of vegetarisch minstens 1 week op voorhand doorgeven aan De Linde Corsendonk De Linde  tel 014 38 99 80




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29.04 | 09:12

kunnen jullie me een B&B aanbevelen want ik kom uit Brugge...

11.08 | 09:38

Hallo Sabine,

De eerstvolgende periode dat tareth healingsessies geeft is in November. Info is te vinden onder rubriek individuele sessies/


09.08 | 11:29

hello Tareth, can you give an appointment for us ? Me and my family ?

19.04 | 10:18

Mooi! Heb alleen positieve ervaringen met Tareth, sinds een 8-tal jaren.

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