Individuele sessies met Tareth november 2019

Individuele helingsessies met Tareth


Spiritual healing can help you with illness, difficulties, stress and also help to bring more peace into your mind and body. Tareth channels the divine love of the Source as healing for you. He often uses sound toning and some of the unique sounds he has manifested from the Source.

You can ask for things you need, but you will also receive a complete clearing of mind, body and spirit and be given ways to help yourself.

Healing can help to empower your connection with your higher consciousness of the spiritual guidance that is always with you.

Prijs : 90 euro 

Duur : 40 min 




data  :  19 & 20 november in namiddag

adres : Weg naar As 113, 3670 Gruitrode/Oudsbergen

Gelieve afspraak te maken met Seshani op tel 089/853581 of email of via



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Eks | Antwoord 01.06.2016 19.47

Dank je wel Tareth voor de helende en wijze inzichten die ik mocht ontvangen!
Niet makkelijk doch EERLIJK !

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08.10 | 10:04

mooi! Ik kom af!

04.10 | 10:32

Thank you dear Tareth for this beautiful meditation❤️

09.04 | 15:57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

26.12 | 16:45

dear Tareth,
Thank You with all my heart for guiding us since
many years to our true Being, discovering our own WAY, IGHT and TRUTH
wish all the best to You

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