The Sacred Trinity

Zomer Retraite 2019 met Tareth

vrij 16 - ma 19 Augustus te Retie, België



The Sacred Trinity

‘A Joyful Coming Together as a Spiritual Family’



As part of our time together we will work with the ‘Sacred Trinity’. This is a beautiful & powerful part of the Source consciousness within us. It is a vital key in bringing together body, mind & soul and manifesting it in the here and now. It combines experience, feeling, and understanding. When these 3 qualities blend and integrate, it activates our inner ‘knowing’.

The Sacred Trinity  is not about just those belief structures that have been placed within religious doctrines. In this time of great change it is something that really can be developed and used to help us in every possible way, in order to realize the true light that we are. I look forward to sharing something that is sacred and within all of us.

There will be profound meditations, healing rituals in nature, singing & toning as well as movement/bodywork to unify all aspects of our being.

Spending 4 days together with like-minded people offers you the opportunity to reflect and expand your individual consciousness so that you are nourished from a much deeper source. It is in this inner space that we hear clearly just what the inner wisdom has to say. You will go deep into the soul light that you are, beyond the mind of thought, where your being can experience, feel and know the essence of your timeless being. The form you are in is not all of you.

‘You are Eternal & a Light of the Future’


During our time together Tareth will channel direct guidance from the Source. You will receive healing and nourishment on all levels.

Praktische info:

Waar : Corsendonk De Linde, Kasteelstraat 67, 2470 Retie, +32 (0) 14 38 99 80

Prijs : € 290 (€100 deposit)

prijs exclusief Hotel & maaltijd – graag rechtstreeks boeken met Corsendonk De Linde Email :

Datum : van vrijdag 16/8 om 13 u. tem maandag 19/8 om 17u.



Prijs opgesplitst in 1) workshop  + 2) overnachting


1) Workshop 290 euro per persoon 


Inschrijving mail naar ,en storten van voorschot 100 euro op rekening Tareth IBAN : BE51 6528 2929 9562   BIC : HBKABE22  met vermelding ‘Retrait aug. +naam’  Saldo 190 euro betalen uiterlijk 01 juli 2018


2) Overnachting te boeken bij Corsendonk De Linde,

tel 014 38 99 80 of email

met referentie Tareth


Opmerking  : kamers moeten individueel geboekt en betaald worden

uiterlijk op 16 juli 2019 op eigen verantwoordelijkheid


4 dagen 3 nachten (vr 16/8 vanaf 13u tem. ma 19/8 tot 17u)

165 € per persoon in tweepers. kamer halfpension (avond eten en ontbijt)

excl verblijftaks ( € 1.50 per persoon per nacht)

Supplement Single : € 15 per persoon per nacht in eenpers.  kamer halfpension (avond eten en ontbijt)

excl verblijftaks ( € 1.50 per persoon per nacht)


Indien graag volpension : 16.50 € extra voor lunch


Specifieke dieetwensen, of vegetarisch minstens 1 week op voorhand doorgeven aan

Corsendonk De Linde  tel 014 38 99 80


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Nieuwe commentaren

09.04 | 15:57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

26.12 | 16:45

dear Tareth,
Thank You with all my heart for guiding us since
many years to our true Being, discovering our own WAY, IGHT and TRUTH
wish all the best to You

24.11 | 12:06

Dear Tareth
Thank You for all the Years You learn me.

Have you already a date for the retraite in aug
its important for an arrangement for my grand children

19.04 | 10:18

Mooi! Heb alleen positieve ervaringen met Tareth, sinds een 8-tal jaren.

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