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ines | Antwoord 08.11.2016 10.01

So beautiful ! tears ... it touches me deeply Thank You
Much Love and Light

martine verheyen | Antwoord 21.09.2015 13.21

Thank you very much for the song: Show me! May the good in us overcome all obstacles in ourselves and let it happen for everybody at their own chosen time. Aum

Myriam Bertels 07.01.2016 14.13

Can you sent me the words from the song "Show me"? I'ts so beautifull.
It touch my heart. Lovely greats. Myriam

michel deketelaere | Antwoord 05.02.2013 18.19

beautyfull STAR many thanks for healing,was the one with hot hands when I was in Bruges/meditation with you and Ingeborg,she came at home 2 days ago to visit

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24.11 | 12:06

Dear Tareth
Thank You for all the Years You learn me.

Have you already a date for the retraite in aug
its important for an arrangement for my grand children

29.04 | 09:12

kunnen jullie me een B&B aanbevelen want ik kom uit Brugge...

11.08 | 09:38

Hallo Sabine,

De eerstvolgende periode dat tareth healingsessies geeft is in November. Info is te vinden onder rubriek individuele sessies/


09.08 | 11:29

hello Tareth, can you give an appointment for us ? Me and my family ?

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