'Transcending Time' ZOOM MEETING


'Transcending Time' - Zoom Meeting Wednesday 25th November 19:00 hrs UK Time

Lieve mensen, 

Graag nodigen we jullie uit voor een meditatie avond met Tareth via zoom op woensdag 25 november om 20h.' Transcending Time'. Na een heel fijne Graaldag vorige zaterdag met een ongelooflijk mooie groep mensen, kijken we er alvast naar uit om ons terug met iedereen te gaan verbinden. 

Van Hart tot Hart, van Ziel tot Ziel, 

Tareth & Soulfamily    



Zoom Meeting

 ‘Transcending Time’


Time, as Einstein said ‘is relative’ which were very wise words. We all know that when we are having fun, time seems to fly by, and doesn’t it seem to really drag when bored or fed up.


When we meditate, we are flowing within the eternal now, where our perception of time changes. What appears to have only been a short period of time, can in fact have been considerably much longer and even the opposite can also be experienced.


When we look at our ancient wonders, like the Pyramids of Giza & the Step Pyramids at Chichen Itza, it is as if time itself stands still. Comprehending just how these monuments were achieved thousands of years ago, without the technology we have today, still raises many questions for those on a spiritual path.


Our Ancestors understood & respected the living earth, as well as the stars & the planets in the heavens. It was what they felt in specific places on the planet that they placed their profound wisdom in the safekeeping of the beautiful, living earth, as a gift for those souls awakening on their journey to the light.


The energy is in the earth and the temples they built were to mark these sacred energy centers. By doing this, people from all over the world are naturally drawn to them. Time past then speaks its wisdom in time present and in doing so, plays an active part in awakening the hearts & minds for time future.


Tareth will share Source wisdom during deep meditation & talk about the time of Thoth, who placed into the earth around 10,000 years of sacred teachings, released for our time now in 2009 when Tareth manifested sounds in the Great Pyramid of Giza.


We will work with these manifested sounds for the first time in a while, where we will be in touch with that timeless place within us & learn how we can use this wisdom in our present time.


These sounds contain frequencies & codes of the light-body & along with the new Galactic sounds recently manifested, will play an important part in the spiritual awakening on earth. 

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I only ask if you’re happy to give, for a small donation of whatever you are able to afford. You can do this by either going directly to my website and on the front page there is a donation button that links to my PayPal account. Should for any reason this not be possible, for ease I have also shared below my bank details so that you can easily do a direct bank transfer. The IBAN & BIC code is for those paying in another currency outside of the UK.

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Tareth Tareth

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IBAN: GB90HBUK40061911184210


I look forward to seeing you.

 In the Light of the Source



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elsje devroye | Antwoord 07.11.2019 08.13

Hartelijk dank! Eén taalfout gevonden ... als schrijftster let ik daar natuurlijk op .. tot de zestiende dan!

MYRIAM VAN ACKER | Antwoord 09.04.2019 15.57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

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19.11 | 20:38

leuk de octaëder meditatie : draait in 2 richtingen en er word steeds iets nieuws opgelicht

07.11 | 08:13

Hartelijk dank! Eén taalfout gevonden ... als schrijftster let ik daar natuurlijk op .. tot de zestiende dan!

04.10 | 10:32

Thank you dear Tareth for this beautiful meditation❤️

09.04 | 15:57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

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