Soul Freedom

Soul Freedom

                    Soul Freedom

‘Harmonising Your Earthly Life with Higher Consciousness’

 Tareth - Grail weekend Belgium

 When: 2nd & 3rd of April 2022

Where: De Hoeve Abdij Van Zevenkerken Sint-Andries Brugge

Time: 10:30 to 17:30

Price: € 130     

Finding the freedom in your soul allows you to live your life fully, both here on the earth with your feet on the ground, whilst also experiencing higher consciousness and divine Source love. No one can take away the freedom you have in your soul, whatever is happening around you it will always be there to keep you strong.                                                                      

The main focus of our weekend together will be to strengthen this energy so you can integrate it into your daily life. This will give you real awareness of the divine guidance that is always there supporting you. Your soul’s freedom is a light eternal and will always be there for you, this will become not only felt but a knowing within.                                                               

We will meditate with the rising vibration of the earths crystalline grid, working in small  groups to really feel this resonance within our physical and subtle bodies and to connect deeply to the crystalline consciousness of earth - ‘Please bring one of your own crystals  that you would like to work with to empower during this process’ Like you, every crystal is unique but all are connected.                                                                             

Tareth will help you develop a deeper awareness of your soul mind that is source consciousness and all that it has to bring you.  He will also give each of you a ‘Sacred Symbol’ that will help you connect to your soul essence and to the beautiful ‘angelic beings of light’.                      

You will learn techniques to use for self-healing, to remain strong through life’s challenges and to develop a deeper awareness of the soul mind and all that it has to give you. Of course, the sanctuary we create together will be full of love and healing for each other and we will  send this out as a light into the world to help wherever it can in service for others and our beautiful living earth. It is working so closely together that we are reminded of the beautiful feeling of just how deep a soul family we really are.                                                             

  We will also work with some of the sacred sounds manifested by Tareth that create a beautiful link to your higher consciousness and divine Source love.                             

We look forward to seeing as many of you as possible, to share the love of the Source.             

Tareth - Arkuma - Eshi Nura

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 Betaling : Graag een voorschot van  € 30 op rekening van Tareth Tareth IBAN : BE51 6528 2929 9562  BIC : BBRUBEBB ter bevestiging van deelname

 Overnachting : Er is mogelijkheid tot overnachting met ontbijt aan € 21 per nacht. ( 30-tal 1-persoonskamers & 5 tal 2-persoonskamers) graag vermelden bij inschrijving            

 Bistro : In de bistro kan er op de middag een warme maaltijd (menu van de dag) verkregen worden alsook broodmaaltijd en pannenkoek of abdijbiertje….

 Abdij : 

  Adres : Zevenkerken 4, 8200 Sint-Andries Brugge ( In De Hoeve)







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12.12 | 11:52

Is het mogelijk mij op de hoogte houden via nieuwsbrieven?

19.06 | 17:39

Heerlijk om de meditatie te doen
En diepe ontroering en vrede als ik naar de video's kijk


19.11 | 20:38

leuk de octaëder meditatie : draait in 2 richtingen en er word steeds iets nieuws opgelicht

07.11 | 08:13

Hartelijk dank! Eén taalfout gevonden ... als schrijftster let ik daar natuurlijk op .. tot de zestiende dan!

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