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Belgium Grail Workshop - 14th & 15th November 2020 Abbey Drongen/Ghent.

Dear Friends

 You may already be aware that I will be manifesting some ‘new sounds’ for the future era of our work, this October in Glastonbury. I have also decided to manifest them again with you in person, during our time together this November in Belgium, so you can experience the magical moment in real time when the sounds come through, allowing you to be in touch with the divine love of the Source.



‘Awakening the Soul Family’ 

There will be a transmission, which will come from the conscious centre of our galaxy. I will explain to you, what is sometimes referred to as a black hole, is actually much more, it is a consciousness through which divine loving guidance can be transmitted. 

We are in a time of great change in both the inner and outer worlds. Our work is about developing a deeper relationship with the earth’s consciousness - Body, Mind & Soul. Aligning to this new energy and bringing it into our lives helps us to become more balanced & have much clearer contact with our spiritual wisdom and guidance that’s within our souls. This involves working with sacred geometry that links us deeply with the essence of nature, the Alchemist within and Universal Soul Guidance.

Manifesting this transmission as sounds that you will hear, is another major step in the divine shift of consciousness, which helps deepen our connection to the soul family on earth and all of creation. It unites us with all of the experiences that we carry within and awakens our connection to the soul family that we are all part of. It will open your heart to new experiences, showing how you can not only use them for yourself, but share as part of helping the present and our future. There is a magical world within everybody and the more we use it, the more it grows inside. What opens within us is also service to others.

You will be shown techniques to develop, so the connection within opens to a higher level of awareness, bringing understanding, healing & unconditional love.


‘Tareth will also empower one of your Crystals with the new sounds’

This will also become an integral part of our ongoing work. We are developing a way that will teach you how to work at a much higher level with others.  Your heart will feel warmer & more open.  Your consciousness will become more awakened and this will help you attain new levels of inner peace and contentment. 

Please bring with you one of your special crystals to empower with this wonderful new energy and I will teach you how to work with it.


Datum: Zaterdag 14/11/20 & Zondag 15/11/20 van10h30 tot 17h00

Prijs tweedaagse: 145 euro, inclusief soep met brood op Zaterdag-&                   Zondagmiddag & koffie/thee/water/cake bij aankomst & namiddag break

Inschrijven & betaling: mail naar & stort een voorschot van 45 euro op rekening van Tareth Tareth : BE51 6528 2929 9562 voor 1/11/20 met vermelding 'Graal November'      

Adres: Oude Abdij Drongen

            Drongenplein 27

            9031 Drongen/Gent

 Overnachten: in de Abdij is mogelijk op basis van zowel 1 of 2 persoonskamer met toilet en douche

                       Prijs voor een 1persoonskamer bedraagt 39 euro, op basis van 2persoonskamer 34 euro per nacht 

                       Ontbijt: 8,40 euro

                       Graag zo spoedig mogelijk boeken via daar de kamers ook door anderen fel begeerd zijn                                  

                       Of bel Eshi Nura op 0496728566 voor meer informatie

                       Wie graag een kijkje neemt op de website : daar vind je info over bereikbaarheid & ook alle Covid richtlijnen

Love and Light, 

Tareth & Soul Family



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19.11 | 20:38

leuk de octaëder meditatie : draait in 2 richtingen en er word steeds iets nieuws opgelicht

07.11 | 08:13

Hartelijk dank! Eén taalfout gevonden ... als schrijftster let ik daar natuurlijk op .. tot de zestiende dan!

04.10 | 10:32

Thank you dear Tareth for this beautiful meditation❤️

09.04 | 15:57

waar kan ik wat meer info lezen rond de retraite in aug in retie

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